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Advanced Fabrication Services


Our entire team of welders boasts American Welding Society (AWS) certification, equipping us to expertly weld a wide array of materials using diverse processes such as MIG, TIG, and stick welding. We take pride in the skill and precision of our welding team, ensuring that your welding needs are met with exceptional quality and expertise. Our certifications include:

  • D1.1 Structural (SMAW, FCAW-G, GMAW)
  • D1.6 Structural Stainless Steel (GTAW)

CNC Cutting

Our cutting-edge equipment empowers us to execute precise cuts on various materials, including plate, HSS tube, pipe, and structural members. No matter the material or project, you can rely on us to deliver precision and accuracy in every cut, meeting your specifications with excellence. Our CNC cutting capabilities encompass:

  • CNC Vertical Tilt-Frame Bandsaw
  • CNC Waterjet
  • CNC Plasma Cutter, Extra Large Capabilities

Tube Bending/Rolling

From simple bends to complex configurations, our team has the versatility and skill to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your project takes shape with precision and quality. Our equipment includes:

  • CNC Tube Mandrel Bender
  • Tube 3-Roll Bender
  • Hydraulic Tube Bender

Plate Bending

Our skilled team possesses the expertise to bend a variety of materials and thicknesses to meet your project’s unique demand with equipment including:

  • CNC Press Brake